Psychic MoonShadow (psychmoonshadow) wrote,
Psychic MoonShadow

Life Update!

I have had this LJ for just over ten years now! It's a shame the platform kinda died, so that doesn't mean a whole lot now, but I think it's neat.

I finally got my first full-time job in my field! I'm a technical writer at a small tech company. It's just a contract, but I'm really happy to be here.

My partner and I are still together and very happy. Our four-year anniversary is in December.

I ran Pokéthon for the second year over the summer, and it went really well.

I'm still working on and improving my baking and decorating skills. It's been really cool seeing how far I've come.

I accidentally kinda started a Pokémon food Tumblr over at! Combines two of my favourite things, which makes me way too happy.

I obviously still love Pokémon. My partner has gotten fairly into Pokémon because of me, so we play GO together even in the cool Canadian autumn, and we're going to a midnight launch for Sun and Moon.

I suppose the crappy stuff has more to do with Trump winning the election last week. That's been rough. I'm still a diehard leftie/feminist/essjaywuh and all that, so that worries me for all of my American friends, especially those belonging to minorities. Gonna do my best to be a good ally and keep fighting.

Take care,
Tags: job, pokémon, work, writing
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