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The best season is coming to an end

Halloween is my favourote holiday of all holidays. This includes all the Jewish holidays my family observes, and all the Christian and pagan holidays in popular culture. When the summer is winding down, it's comforting to know that it means that Halloween is around the corner. The aesthetic is awesome, and who doesn't love costumes and candy? I want it to last as long as possible, especially since Christmas starts immediately after (or so you'd guess from visiting shopping malls this time of year), and it was lovely that we were still celebrating Halloween on November 1.

What did you do to celebrate this wonderful season? Here's a sampling of my October:

 photo Espurrpumpkinsmall_zpsa4468b6a.jpeg
I haven't carved a pumpkin since I was a little kid, so when my friend invited me over for the holiday tradition I was super stoked. I decided to make an Espurr pumpkin, so I used some official art to make a template, and this was the final result! I'm really happy with how it turned out, but since we did the carving so early in the month, they didn't last until Halloween.

 photo DSC03258_zps24ba3875.jpg
The Zombie Walk! I last attended this with a friend in 2011, and it has grown exponentially since, with 10,000 of the undead this year! There was a kiosk to get your zombie makeup done by makeup artists for a fee; I was in line for a solid hour until I was seen, but it was absolutely worth it! Like in 2011, I went as a zombie Team Rocket grunt (because I am just that kinda nerd), and I lumbered along chewing on a Meowth plushie for the hour-long walk through downtown. It was awesome scaring bystanders and witnessing people's reactions when they "got" my costume, hehe.

 photo RP35FJO_zpsd9811346.jpg
I managed to snag codes for Diancie and shiny Gengar (with the extra one being for my friend who just joined the military), and an acquaintance brought back this sweet shiny Mega Gengar plush from Japan! (Ghosts Pokemon count for this, right?) I also finally got a Pinsirite code!

Halloween cupcakes photo Halloweencupcakes2_zps98df7b67.jpg
What would Halloween be without some spoopy desserts? I went to two Halloween parties on Saturday night, and these were for the first. The tombstones, bones and knives are from Homesense and are all edible!

Graveyard cake photo Graveyardcake2_zps476fd5c6.jpg
For the second party, I made a graveyard cake! I am slightly obsessed with "worms and dirt" desserts, and I have a magazine with a recipe for one, so I was super stoked to make this. The tombstones came with a food marker, so I enjoyed coming up with silly jokes and references to put on 'em. The hostess has a taste for the macabre, and she loved this (and got a huge kick out of the tombstone with her name on it).

I also went with a friend to a local amusement park that celebrates Halloween! I don't have any photos, but we rode this crazy roller coaster, checked out one of their sweet haunted houses, and enjoyed a performance from a zombie percussion band.

Overall, this has been a most awesome Halloween. Now the clocks have been set back, it's dark by 5:30pm, and the temperature drops to freezing at night. Winter, as they say, is coming.

Stay cozy!
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