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Doing Stuff!

Slightly belated happy New Year!

Here's a bit of what I've been up to lately!

Rejoined PokéCommunity!
I made an account there back in 2007, and I figured I'd take a look and see what was happening over there. The community is alive and active, and there are a lot of very nice people. I've already entered a Flash Fiction writing challenge, as well as a Pokemon Amie photography contest. :D

New fics!
Zomg! For someone who's been in the 'fic community since 2004, I haven't written a whole lot. But I recently had two excuses to pump out some one-shots, and I am happy with the results!

Forgiveness - After Team Flare failed to bring about a beautiful and better world, Malva could find no way to make amends for the part she played. Wilkstrom has noticed Malva's self-imposed isolation and wishes to help.

Under Control - It’s Caitlin’s first time losing a battle as a member of the Unova Elite Four. She thought she could handle the position, but can she really?

Forgiveness was written for the Serebii Yuletide event as a gift for Pakira, and Under Control was for the PokéCommunity Flash Fiction challenge. I really like Gym Leaders and Elite Four, so it was pretty awesome getting to write about them. I was especially happy to have a reason to write about Caitlin, my second favourite human character in the Pokemon world. I've been developing a headcanon all about her learning to control her powers with the help of a Meowstic, so it was fun to write a bit about that. Someday I hope to actually write that story, but considering my track record, we'll have to see. XD

The Fan Fiction Quarterly!
Still fic-related, this is Jax's baby, and it's pretty dang awesome. It's a celebration of the Serebii fic community and its many members, and it comes with some fun challenges of its own. Jax did the majority of the work on this, though I gave a hand by editing the interview and writing some of the Try This! exercises. I will definitely be giving the prompt a go!

My Living Pokédex!
I've only completed my Pokédex in a few games before, but considering the collection of Pokemon I've amassed over the years, I figured I'd try to complete this before ORAS. In early November, I succeeded. :D

My Shiny Pokémon!
I've always wanted a visual way to show off all of my shinies, so until I make some kind of pixelart shiny card, I made a Google Doc.

Irl, I'm in my second semester of grad school, and have started an internship with a festival that's having its inaugural year. It's going to be a pop culture convention, like a Comic Con but with a much wider audience. I'm pretty stoked!

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