Psychic MoonShadow (psychmoonshadow) wrote,
Psychic MoonShadow

Cupcake Pokedex Project!

So Moogles had a very good suggestion when I posted my last Poke-cupcakes: a cupcakedex. I have since been unable to get this idea out of my head.

So over the summer I think I will attempt to make 151 Pokemon cupcakes. For my first batch, I figured I'd go in order, but starting only with the first forms of evolutionary lines. Behold:

Cupcakedex 1-12 photo Pokemoncupcakes1-12_zpsac1604db.jpg
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Spearow, Ratatta, Ekans, Pikachu, Sandshrew and Nidoran female!
I think my favourites are Bulbasaur, Pidgey and Ratatta. X3

Tags: baking/decorating, pokémon
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