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Pokéthon and Grad School  
12:33am 03/09/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
Pokéthon, the Pokémon sub-event at Otakuthon I ran August 22-24, was a huge hit!

Planning and organizing it was stressful and frustrating at times, but the end result was really cool, and people had tons of fun. We hosted a X/Y tournament, trivia contest, cosplay photo shoot, six panels, TCG events, and Gym Leaders you could battle and win badges from throughout the con. It was super cool, and making it happen has kind of been a dream of mine for awhile now.

You can check out photos from the event on our Facebook page, but here's a small preview!

Players in the X/Y tournament!

Outdoor cosplay photo shoot!

Challengers battling Gym Leaders of the Montreal Pokémon League!

A full room for one of the big panels I co-hosted!

On a totally different note, I made a little something for my friend's birthday last week!

I'm not personally a fan of Adventure Time, but it was a simple and fun design concept, so I threw it together in a couple of hours and he really enjoyed it!

Lastly, I started grad school this week! I had a class on Communication and Gender today, and ohhhh my gosh I am excited to have this prof. Turns out she specializes in gender stidues and gamer culture! She started the class by first talking about the absurd female Bic pens, and then discussing the news regarding Anita Sarkeesian's most recent death threats. During our class introductions, I mentioned having run Pokéthon, and after class she asked me if I had heard of Twitch Plays Pokémon.

Truly a woman after my own heart. :D

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Pokémon Events and Food!  
04:36pm 30/07/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
Pokethon photo PokethonLogosmall_zps9f3a816c.png

After being green-lit a few months back, I have been working on organizing a series of Pokémon-themed events and programming, and I'm proud to announce that Pokéthon is happening in less than a month!

We are being hosted by Otakuthon, an animé/manga convention in Montreal, Quebec. They already have a number of sub-events for other topics, such as the Touhou Project video games, yaoi (yep, yaoi), and ball-jointed dolls, and we're the newest one!

We're going to have a number of neat events, like a video game tournament, cosplay photo shoot, contest, and a bunch of panels. Thankfully I don't have to worry about running everything, but there's still been a lot to figure out.

I'll be posting updates and news on the Pokéthon Facebook page, so I hope you'll follow us and help spread the word!

In Pokémon dessert news, did you guys hear about the Pikachu Café in Japan? Don't misunderstand - I am not a fan of Pikachu, but show me any Pokémon edibles and I will be excited. What do y'all think of it?

So I shall make do with my own creations! First up, here's the next batch from my Cupcakedex project!
Cupcakedex part 3 photo cupcakes25-36_zps707e92b7.jpg
This time, we have Growlithe, Poliwag, Abra, Machop, Bellsprout, Tentacool, Geodude, Ponyta, Slowpoke, Magnemite, Doduo and Seel! All on banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing, which I had never made before!

Lastly, my friend Alex had her birthday last month, and I was determined to make a cake of her choosing. When she chose Arcanine, I was thrilled, even though I couldn't give her the cake until some weeks later. Still, who doesn't love Arcanine cake? :D
 photo arcaninecake_zps3058d670.jpg

I'm really proud of how this guy came out! Since learning the buttercream transfer technique for cake decorating, I can't do it any other way! I'm really satisfied with how much I've improved over the past couple of months.

Thanks for reading!

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R/S Remakes and Cupcakedex Part 2!  
02:52am 12/05/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
I've been addicted to the Pokemon subreddit lately (I know, I know), and recently saw a post where someone essentially asked "hey, doesn't Mega Lati@s kind of confirm Hoenn?" I swear I was thinking about this in the bathroom a couple of days before we got official news about the Hoenn remakes.

Anyway, I'm excited! My relation to that gen is funny; I stopped playing the games after second gen, up until HS/SS, but Ruby/Sapphire seemed pretty cool. I actually started going on right around third gen, and I stayed up-to-date about the new games. I used to have my younger cousin's R/S game guide, and I'd leaf through it for fun. Years later, when he grew out of Pokemon and eventually started letting me have his old games and toys, he gave me his old Sapphire version.

I already had a soft spot for a lot of the designs - most of my minor favourite Pokemon are from Hoenn, like Grovyle, Blaziken, Electrike and Breloom. It was cool to play Sapphire, having owned Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness on the Gamecube, and I finally got the cable to play between them last year. Sapphire is neat, but there is definitely room for improvement, so I look forward to seeing what they do with the remakes.

Anyhow, here is the second batch of for my Pokemon cupcakedex!
You can also follow my progress on my new Cupcakedex Tumblr:
 photo batch2_zps3686e829.jpg
Here's Nidoran male, Clefairy, Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Zubat, Oddish, Paras, Venonat, Diglett, Meowth, Psyduck and Mankey!

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Cupcake Pokedex Project!  
07:22pm 06/05/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
So Moogles had a very good suggestion when I posted my last Poke-cupcakes: a cupcakedex. I have since been unable to get this idea out of my head.

So over the summer I think I will attempt to make 151 Pokemon cupcakes. For my first batch, I figured I'd go in order, but starting only with the first forms of evolutionary lines. Behold:

Cupcakedex 1-12 photo Pokemoncupcakes1-12_zpsac1604db.jpg
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Spearow, Ratatta, Ekans, Pikachu, Sandshrew and Nidoran female!
I think my favourites are Bulbasaur, Pidgey and Ratatta. X3

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I accidentally an entire Tumblr  
12:53am 05/05/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
All I wanted was to buy some delicious Espurr/Meowstic merchandise. Preferably without the $20 markup most sites seem to have.

Then Kirby told me about this dude on Tumblr who could get me my fix for a good price.

Soooo add me?

Giant female Meowstic plushie, you will be mine. <3
Big Meowstic female plush photo BigMeowstic_zpsa8f9c38c.jpg
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More good news and cupcakes!  
11:53pm 08/04/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
My proposal for a Pokémon convention went over really well, and I've been green-lit to hold it this summer! A lot of people seem really enthusiastic about the idea, so I'm really excited! (Heck, I've already found someone from Florida who wants to be a sponsor!) Now it's a matter of organizing different events like panels and gaming/trading card tournaments.

I have my fingers crossed that things work out with the local Pokémon League, since that's still in the planning phase. They have some awesome ideas about gamers battling Gym Leaders, an Elite Four and Champion, but they might be getting a bit too caught up with certain ideas, so hopefully we can maintain focus so there can be an effective launch for the con.

In baking news, I had lots of leftover buttercream icing from my first Pokémon cupcakes, and since my dad loves a certain chocolate cake recipe I often make, I figured I'd make a cake and some cupcakes. So these happened.
Pokemon Trozei cupcakes 2 photo pokemoncupcakes2_zps6190e06c.jpg

This time, I just made some of my favourite 'mons (which you may notice due to the abundance of psychic-types, haha) as well as some generally popular ones. There's Dunsparce, Chesnaught, Delphox, Espurr, female Meowstic, Espeon, Sylveon, Celebi and Mew! Chesnaught was made for moogles4ever, and Dunsparce was a joke-suggestion from fellow SPPf mod Psynergy, but I didn't have enough cupcakes to had to make do with a slice of cake. XD Celebi is totes for Serebii. I'm really happy with how most of these came out, but I need to remember to prevent them from getting all line-y like Delphox and Espurr did.

I ate both eeveelutions and they were delicious. These recipes are really great.

While he's no Mewtwo, Greninja has been announced as a new character in the newest Super Smash Bros. game! He looks so badass, I love it! Initially I liked Frogadier more, but Greninja is growing in me.

I'm also officially done class this semester, whoo!

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Can't stop won't stop  
12:39am 31/03/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
My friend Peter's birthday party was last night, and for the past three years, I have made him nerdy cupcakes for his birthday. I asked what theme he'd like this year, and he said Pokemon. You can imagine how excited I was.

I decided to make his Pokemon Y team, as well as some of his favourites. I used Pokemon Trozei sprites for the template (except for Mega Gardevoir and Mega Charizard, for whom I just used Sugimori artwork). Using only buttercream in ziplock baggies and a lot of time, I made these.

Pokemon Trozei cupcakes photo trozeicupcakes_zps2267f2b9-1.jpg
I am pretty satisfied with the result. :D There's Froakie, Honedge, Amaura, Goomy, Mewtwo, Mega Gardevoir, Gardevoir, Mega Charizard Y, Greninja, Aegislash, Aurorus and Goodra! It's awesome seeing how much I've improved since my first attempt at Pokemon cupcakes (which were also for Peter). My favourites are Greninja, Goodra and Mega Gardevoir.

My sister also had her birthday a couple weeks ago. Half of my family is really into Game of Thrones, and we're super stoked for season 4! So for her, I made house sigil cupcakes, made of chocolate. :D

Game of Thrones cupcakes photo GOTcupcakes_zps825efd48.jpg
These are the houses Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Tully and Greyjoy! Some came out better than others, but it was fun nonetheless. My crazy sister also ate the cupcakes but saved the chocolate sigils so she could do a photoshoot. Yeeeeeep.

On an unrelated note, this month you could get a free copy of Pokemon X or Y (offer ends tomorrow)! Boyfriend got a 3DS and Pokemon Black back when I did since I wouldn't stop talking about it at the time, but he never finished the game nor did he get any other games for the system. Since his PS3 recently died and lost all of his saves, I thought he might appreciate a new, free game, so I got him a code to get the download. He did have to go out and buy a new memory card for his DS to get it, but he has begun the game and started with Froakie. Yep, he is a pretty swell dude.

Also meeting the animé convention programming director on Wednesday to discuss my Pokémon convention proposal! Wish me luck!

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The future's lookin' good  
04:57pm 27/03/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
I got accepted into grad school! I will be going for a Diploma in Communication Studies, which is a one-year program focusing on media production and criticism. I'm pretty stoked!

I also submitted a proposal for a mini Pokémon convention for my local anime con for this summer. It would involve Pokémon panels, video game and card game tournaments, contests and more. The con's programming director e-mailed me yesterday, and he and the staff are interested! We're now arranging an interview to meet and discuss it further. Fingers crossed!

Incidentally, while in a video game store the other week, I overheard an employee telling a customer that he and some friends were arranging a local Pokémon League. He and I got to talking, and turns out the idea is to have Gym Leaders, an Elite Four and Champion for gamers to battle in our fair city. It's a pretty neat idea, so I've offered to be a consultant and help get it off the ground. They have a lot of neat ideas, but it's geared more towards competitive players, so I'm a bit concerned it won't feel very open to casual players. On the plus side, if the convention goes through, maybe we can bring the League to the con. Guess we'll see.

Oh, and I finally completed the National Pokédex in Y, and now have the Shiny Charm! Thanks to my Shiny Charm in White 2 I managed to find a wild Shiny Boldore, so hopefully my luck continues!

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Items for Sale  
02:17am 03/03/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
~Psychic's Nerdy Sales~

I have an assortment of collectibles from games, animé and more which are currently looking for good homes!
You can also check out my substantial array of Pokemon collectibles for sale!

The Almighty RulesCollapse )

On to the Sales!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! :3

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Sometimes good ideas come from terrible places maybe?  
03:11am 13/01/2014
Psychic MoonShadow
I'm currently reading a YA novel called Delirium. It's another dystopian romance, and the schtick behind this one is that love is considered a disease, and everyone has to have a brain surgery as of age 18 to "cure" them of it. It's like the film Gattaca in that the society spends a hell of a lot of time and resources gender segregating teenagers and trying to find "uncured" people, sympathizers, and anyone showing excessive emotion or the smallest bit of affection. "Science" says love kills people, therefore we must micromanage everyone's lives? I'd rather see how a society gets to that point, really.

The writing is over-wrought with flowery metaphors, which succeeds at creating nice imagery often but spends far too much time on it, and there's a lot of spelling the obvious out for the reader. The love-at-first-sight romance is as silly as ever, but I've been especially thinking about the protagonist.

I don't profess to reading a huge amount of YA literature, but there seems to be quite the trend in leading female characters who are super average and plain, and kind of anti-feminine. I'd characterize myself as having been both of those things growing up, so I can relate, but it seems to be becoming this weird cliche. There's also this trend where females who aren't feminine are portrayed as being...almost better than those who are. These plain, tomboyish, quiet/shy girls still wind up getting guys, of course, despite being pretty passive in the courting scene. It's a very strange direction to take female protagonists.

I was thinking about this a bit tonight, and then I just thought "this is so easy I can do it in my sleep." So I wrote up a book summary and tried to make it as generic as possible, about a super average and boring girl who suddenly gets noticed by a guy. I then went to the kitchen for a brownie, and while there came up with a ~crazy plot twist~ that sounds pretty gimmicky, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could spin it to make what might resemble real characters with actual depth. Woah.

This is actually my first idea for a serious novel in years, and I don't think it's half bad. Maybe it's actually doable. Now it's just a matter of staying motivated and actually writing the thing.

Oh, and I passed math! So now I get to take my first ever computer science course, but it's online which means I have very little motivation to do it. I may go into my school's Applied Human Sciences program, since I really liked the class I had in the subject last year and did quite well. We'll see.

Boyfriend and I had our anniversary over winter break, and for Christmas he hand-sewed me a dress! it's a gorgeous 50's pattern in this lovely silky purple fabric. He and I hosted a fancy wine and cheese (and boardgames) New Years' party, so I got to wear it for that. 'Twas a good time indeed.

Does anyone have any New Years' resolutions? I don't usually do them, but I think I'll try to write more in 2014. Maybe I'll try to start another writing journal. :>

Stay classy, LJ.
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